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Sirman TM A3 Continuous Feed Food Processor w/ 3 Pack of Cutting Discs

Sirman TM A3 Continuous Feed Food Processor w/ 3 Pack of Cutting Discs


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*Includes 1/16" slicing disc, 5/32" slicing disc, and 1/8" shredding disc.


  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Convenient continuous-feed operation
  • 300 RPM plate speed from a powerful 3/4 Hp fan-cooled motor
  • Ideal speed and precise cut to reduce oxidation for better results and longer shelf life
  • Up to 500 Lb. of fresh produce per hour
  • Double Interlock on feed hopper and product pusher for a safe and continuous-feed operation
  • Interlocked cover and pusher, preventing the machine from operating if lid is not in place


  • Ideal plate speed, the blades do not damage the product, giving it attractive and unblemished shape
  • Product drops directly in the collecting container without being pushed out, preserving its shape.
  • The ejector blade avoids the accumulation of food inside the disc slot
  • Slotted drop-in drive
  • Two feed chutes for different sized-products
  • The wide selection of cast-aluminum discs and grids feature hardened and stainless steel knives
  • Feed hopper designed also to continuously process long and/or thin products
  • One interlock stops the machine when the lever is lifted
  • A second interlock prevents the machine from starting if cover is not in place
  • The stainless steel and aluminum construction is easy to clean, do not stain or crack
  • The design allows for easy accessibility and cleanability
  • The food ejector blade is removable for cleaning of the disc place
  • Easy disc removal for quick and accurate cleaning

Product Dimensions:

  • Width:¬†11¬†Inches
  • Depth:¬†20¬†Inches
  • Height:¬†20¬†Inches

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