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ALFA FAMA 1.5 HP Hard Cheese Grater

ALFA FAMA 1.5 HP Hard Cheese Grater


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Made in Italy! This rugged commercial hard cheese processor from Fama (model FAMA-1.5) has been designed for supermarkets, restaurants and other food service operations that grate copious quantities of hard cheeses (romano, asiago, parmesan cheeses are good examples. Fama is the Italian maker of this outstanding kitchen appliance, and they specialize in manufacturing durable, dependable machines for large volume commercial food processing. C.E.-approved, this hard cheese grater exemplifies well-constructed simplicity: the Fama-1.5's one-and-a-half horsepower motor serves only to turn the processor's grating drum (this drum is cannister-shaped and is studded with grating spikes). The grating drum revolves around and around: the user feeds hard cheese into the unit hopper; the pieces of hard cheese get shredded by the rotating spiked drum. The Fama-1.5's bowl is made of stainless steel, and so is the spiked grating drum; the unit's frame is constructed of anodized aluminum. This processor grates hard cheese and can grind bread for making bread crumbs.
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