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ALFA FAMA-1 HP Hard Cheese Grater

ALFA FAMA-1 HP Hard Cheese Grater


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Made in Italy! This heavy duty commercial hard cheese grater from Fama (model Fama-1) is designed especially for restaurants and supermarkets who grate large quantities of hard cheeses (like romano, parmesan and asiago cheeses. Fama Industries, the Italian manufacturer of this superb kitchen tool, specializes in rugged machines for use in large scale commercial food processing. This C.E.-approved hard cheese processor is a study in well-made simplicity: the unit's one-horsepower motor turns the unit's grater drum (shaped like a cannister and studded with spikes); the drum rotates around and around, and that's it: you feed chunks of hard cheese into the hopper, the chunks fall down and are grated and shredded by the rotating drum. The capture bowl is stainless steel, as is the spiked cannister drum; the overall unit frame is anodized aluminum. This machine shreds hard cheese and can convert your stale bread into breadcrumbs.
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