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Alfa FF2 1/4" Cut Twoyco French Fry Cutter

Alfa FF2 1/4" Cut Twoyco French Fry Cutter


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If you want to save valuable time in your commercial kitchen spent manually cutting potatoes into slices, then invest in the Alfa International FF2 1/4'' Cut Twoyco French Fry Cutter. This quality fry cutter, constructed with an aluminum frame, alloy handle and a convenient stainless steel tray, can cut up to 50 pounds of whole potatoes into 1/4" cut French fries per hour!  Imagine all the freshly cut, perfectly sliced French fries you can produce with this time saving device. You can either wall or table-mount the Alfa FF2 to conveniently fit into any commercial kitchen space. 

  • 1/4'' cut
  • Aluminum frame
  • Alloy handle
  • Stainless steel tray
  • Wall or table mount
  • Cuts up to 50 lbs. of potatoes per hour
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