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Alfa FF3 1/2" Cut Twoyco French Fry Cutter

Alfa FF3 1/2" Cut Twoyco French Fry Cutter


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Keep your customers coming back for more with perfectly cut ½” French fries using the Alfa International FF3 Twoyco French Fry cutter. This professional fry cutter features an aluminum frame alloy handle and a stainless steel tray, making it both durable and easy to use. You can cut up to 50 pounds of whole potatoes per hour using the Alfa fry cutter, saving you valuable time in your commercial kitchen. You can either wall or table-mount the Alfa French fry cutter, making it ideal for tight spaces.  This French fry cutter is a terrific buy for any catering operation, restaurant , pizza shop or bar.

  • 1/2'' cut
  • Aluminum frame
  • Alloy handle
  • Stainless steel tray
  • Wall or table mount
  • Cuts up to 50 lbs. of potatoes per hour
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