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Armor 20 Pan End Load Bun / Sheet Pan Rack - Unassembled

Armor 20 Pan End Load Bun / Sheet Pan Rack - Unassembled


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Armor's 20-pan end-load bun pan rack is a space-efficient storage solution for your bakery or supermarket.

A 20-pan end-load sheet pan rack from Armor is designed to hold and transport a variety of your most popular baked goods or meats. This rack is durable, and high quality, and will save precious space for your catering business, bakery, cafe, supermarket, or restaurant. This rack allows chefs to store multiple sheet pans in one convenient location and facilitates the proper cooling of freshly baked treats. Additionally, this rack works well for storing food trays at hospitals, cafeterias, or healthcare facilities.

Generous Storage Capacity

This rack can hold 20 full-size sheet pans or 40 half-size sheet pans. It can support up to 55 lb. per pair of slides and up to 350 lb. total, making it a heavy-duty and durable option for any business. Each set of slides is spaced 3" apart, which means there will be plenty of room for your treats to cool properly. This generous spacing also gives you the ability to store foods that are not completely flat.

Non-Marking Casters

This space-saving sheet pan rack features 5" non-marking polypropylene swivel casters. These casters are quiet, will not damage your floors, and make transportation a breeze.

Six Cross Supports

This rack features six cross supports for outstanding strength and durability. These supports pair with a curved top design and heavy-duty aluminum construction for the ultimate in-sheet pan storage and transportation.

Ships Unassembled

Because this product ships unassembled, you will save money on shipping and processing costs. Once you receive your tray rack, you will find assembly quick and easy.

Overall Dimensions:

Length: 26"
Width: 20" 
Height: 69" 
Capacity: 350 lb.
Individual Shelf Capacity: 55 lb.


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