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Asber AEPO-26-E 26" Electric Countertop Pizza Oven

Asber AEPO-26-E 26" Electric Countertop Pizza Oven


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Asber AEPO series ovens are a great choice for fresh-dough pizza, prebaked crusts, flat breads, pretzels, and other bakery products. We offer one baking chamber with two ceramic decks and three positions. Featuring Meteorite ceramic decks that achieve maximum heat while using less energy and providing quicker recovery times between uses, especially during peak business hours.

Standard Features

  • Non-ferrous stainless-steel construction including front, top, sides and valve control panel.
  • Porcelain door liner.
  • Powerful high-capacity, 30,000 BTU (36") / 24,000 BTU (24") "Type U" burner, controlled by an electromechanical thermostat from 200 F to 650 F, ANSI/CSA certified.
  • Double wall construction with heavy insulation for fuel efficiency and Refrigerator exterior surfaces.
  • Removable knobs and panel for easy maintenance.
  • Reinforced safety valves, certified CSA and ANSI.
  • Pilot light includes spark ignition.
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