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Bakers Pride DP-2 Double Deck Electric Countertop Pizza Oven

Bakers Pride DP-2 Double Deck Electric Countertop Pizza Oven


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The Bakers Pride® model DP-2 oven features two independently controlled baking chambers, each with one Cordierite deck and a 5.5" deck height. The greater deck height allows you to accommodate all kinds of bakery items from pizzas to muffins to souffles. The incoloy heating elements and aluminized steel baking chambers are perfect for high heat, while the electronic timers allow for easy and precise operation. This model also features a stainless steel exterior and comes with 4” adjustable legs. 

  • 208 V @ 5050 watts, one or three phase
  • Two high-heat, fully welded aluminized steel baking chambers
  • 5.5" deck height
  • Two 20.75" sq. Cordierite decks
  • Independently controlled top and bottom incoloy heating elements
  • Two 15-minute, electric timers with continuous-ring alarm and manual shut-off
  • 300–650°F temperature range
  • All stainless steel exterior
  • Fully insulated
  • 6' cord and plug on single-phase units
  • 4” adjustable legs
  • One-year limited warranty
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