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Bakers Pride P18S Single Deck Electric Countertop Pizza/Pretzel Oven

Bakers Pride P18S Single Deck Electric Countertop Pizza/Pretzel Oven


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The Bakers Pride P18S countertop oven works great for cooking pizza, pretzels, hot sandwiches, pastries, and other baked treats, and it has two 17.5-inch by 17.75-inch Cordierite stone baking decks with 3.25-inch deck heights. To save energy, independent heating elements can heat the decks separately or together. These decks can withstand large jumps in temperature, and products can be placed directly on the decks, on screens, or on baking sheets.

The interior can heat to a set temperature ranging from 300 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit, and all controls are manual and straightforward. A 15-minute timer keeps track of cooking times, and when it reaches zero, it rings continuously until turned off. For dent and rust resistance, the Bakers Pride P18S electric oven's sides, top, and door are made of stainless steel. Its interior is strong, welded aluminized steel, and for stability, the adjustable legs compensate for uneven surfaces.

Product Details

  • 2 Cordierite stone baking decks
  • Exterior is stainless steel to withstand daily use
  • Aluminized interior for durability
  • Tubular door handle provides a comfortable grip
  • Temperature cooking range: 300-650 degrees F
  • Continuous-ring, 15-min. timer with manual shut-off
  • 4-in. legs can adjust to uneven surfaces
  • Requires 3-in. clearance on sides and rear

Dimensions & Utilities

  • Decks: 17.5 in. W x 17.75 in. D x 3.25 in. H
  • Overall: 23 in. W x 25 in. D x 21 in. H
  • 14 A, 2850 W
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