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CDN TCG400 - Candy & Deep Fry Ruler Thermometer

CDN TCG400 - Candy & Deep Fry Ruler Thermometer

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For the performance of a CDN Candy & Deep Fry Ruler Thermometer [TCG400] with a little something extra .The same great and simple thermometer design, this model features seven additional inches of stainless stem for easier temperature taking of large meats or deep pots of oil for frying. The thermometer can gauge temperatures up to 500F and is waterproof so nothing will stop it from working properly, even the hottest oil for deep frying. The thermometer includes a metal clip so it can easily be attached to the side of a pot. Covered in a durable glass the thermometer will not shatter or steam up when things get hot. The thermometer also includes a protective sheath with clip for easy storage when not in use. The Insta-Read Long Stem Thermometer is the thermometer to use when you need just a little more length to gauge the temperature of something in the kitchen.
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