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Hobart 403-1 Meat Tenderizer with Knit Knife Blades

Hobart 403-1 Meat Tenderizer with Knit Knife Blades


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This Hobart 403-1 meat tenderizer can be used to quickly and safely tenderize tougher cuts of meat to create tastier, more appealing entrées. It's designed with several safety features to keep users' fingers protected, including a safety interlock that prevents the unit from being powered on if the knives are exposed. An integral chute is used to guide meat towards the tenderizer blades, keeping users' hands away from the blades. The tenderizer's blade guard is translucent so users can monitor the progress of meat as it is processed.

This tenderizer is designed with cleanability in mind. Its burnished aluminum exterior is smooth and easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. The cleaning comb that keeps meat from accumulating on blades is removed easily for a thorough deep cleaning. The lift-out unit frame makes the Hobart 403-1 tenderizer easy to disassemble so all parts can be properly cleaned and sanitized.

A number of sold-separately attachments are available to expand the capabilities of this tenderizer, including strip-cutter knives that can be used to cut strips for fajitas and stir fry and cold meats for chef salads. Those are available in 34-, 38-, and 316-inch sizes. Also available are star knife rollers, suitable for tenderizing lighter, less dense cuts of meat.

Product Details

  • Burnished aluminum exterior makes unit easy to wipe clean
  • Low profile makes tenderizer safe and easy to handle
  • Operator's fingers are shielded from blades by plastic guides
  • Integral chute guides products towards blades, keeping user's hands safe
  • Blade guard is translucent so operator can watch products as they are tenderized
  • Safety interlock system prevents unit from powering on if guards are not securely in place
  • Powerful 12-HP motor is enclosed and fan-cooled for a long life
  • Blades and motor shaft are made from heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Cleaning combs guide meat between rollers to prevent it from sticking in knives
  • A number of knives and accessories are available, including several sizes of strip-cutter knifes and star knives (sold separately)
  • 120 V/60 Hz/1-ph, NEMA 5-15 plug and 6-ft. cord included
  • Overall Dimensions: 1958 in. W x 1012 in. D x 1918 in. H
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