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Hoshizaki 9795-90 E-20 Prefilter System with Manifold & Cartridge

Hoshizaki 9795-90 E-20 Prefilter System with Manifold & Cartridge


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  • Dimensions: 5-1/6″ W x 5-1/2″ D x 22-4/9″ H
  • 20″ Tall Prefilter System
  • Ideal for twin & triple configuration water filter systems in high sediment areas
  • Filters out larger dirt and rust particles
  • Prefilter extends the life of the primary water filter cartridges
  • Reduces scale buildup which can result in the clogging of distribution lines, malfunction of floats, pumps, and valves
  • Tightly spun EC210 sediment cartridge delivers 10 micron nominal filtration
  • Clear housing lets you visually inspect trapped particles and makes determining when to change the cartridge easy
  • Fits water filtration systems (sold separately): Fits all models with twin or triple configuration water filtration systems, Producing greater than 900 lbs. of ice daily
  • EC210 Filter, Max. Flow Rate: 6 gpm, Working Pressure: 10 – 125 psi, Temperature: 35 – 100°F, Capacity: 15,000 gal

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