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Hoshizaki KM-350MAJ Air Cooled Ice Machine (489 lbs/day)

Hoshizaki KM-350MAJ Air Cooled Ice Machine (489 lbs/day)


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Under the right conditions, the Hoshizaki KM-350MAJ ice machine head can produce 489 pounds of ice each day, efficiently creating cubes on each side of the evaporator as water runs over it. Each cube has a crescent shape that is harder and melts more slowly than other types of ice. The air-cooled condensing unit uses fans to blow cool air over the condensing coils as refrigerant runs through them, removing heat to form cubes

Unlike many other units, the Hoshizaki KM-350MAJ ice maker has a stainless steel evaporator that lasts longer than standard nickel-plated components. A cleaning cycle and H-GUARD Plus lower the chances of mold and slime growth. If a system issue arises, an alert system uses beeping patterns to notify the operator, saving time with diagnostics and service work.

Note: This unit must be paired with an ice maker bin or ice dispenser.

Product Details

  • 489-lb. daily ice production capacity
  • 393-lb. AHRI-certified daily ice production capacity
  • Air-cooled condenser
  • Air filters are removable
  • Crescent-cube ice size: 1.125 in. x 1.5 in. x 0.5 in.
  • Snap-in parts can be removed for cleaning
  • Self-diagnostic system monitors conditions and adjusts accordingly
  • CycleSaver™ design efficiently uses both sides of the evaporator
  • Stainless steel evaporator supports heavy use
  • Plastic louvers
  • H-GUARD Plus antimicrobial agent slows bacteria growth
  • EverCheck™ alert system notifies users of problems
  • Uses R404A refrigerant
  • Cleaning cycle
  • 5,700 BTU
  • Ice bin sold separately

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