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Hoshizaki KM-660MWJ Water Cooled Ice Machine (669 lbs/day)

Hoshizaki KM-660MWJ Water Cooled Ice Machine (669 lbs/day)


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The Hoshizaki KM-660MWJ crescent cube ice machine head is water cooled, so it resists hot ambient temperatures more effectively than an air-cooled system. It can produce 669 pounds of crescent ice each day and features a factory-installed ultrasonic bin control that automatically stops the production of ice when the bin is full. Because of its narrow profile, this ice machine head doesn't take up much space; it's a good size for smaller operations, such as corner stores and food courts.

The Hoshizaki KM-660MWJ ice machine head is built to streamline cleaning and maintenance of the machine, reducing operator labor and prolonging the life of the unit. Self-diagnostic features optimize production, while an EverCheck™ system monitors performance and alerts operators if issues arise. The simple design of the machine has less parts than previous models and features a snap-in construction that enables users to clean it in just one hour—encouraging daily cleaning.

Note: This unit must be paired with an ice maker bin or ice dispenser.

Product Details

  • 669-lb. maximum daily ice production
  • 668-lb. AHRI-certified daily ice production
  • Water-cooled system
  • Produces crescent cube ice
  • CycleSaver™ design
  • Self-monitoring EverCheck alert system indicates when service is needed
  • Self-diagnostic programming tweaks settings to optimize performance
  • H-Guard Plus® antimicrobial agent is applied to components
  • Double-sided stainless steel evaporator resists corrosion
  • Removable panels provide fast access to internal components
  • 1-hr. cleaning process
  • Snap-fit parts
  • Crescent cube size: 118 in. W x 12 in. D x 112 in. H
  • Recommended ambient air temperature: 45-100 degrees F
  • Recommended incoming water temperature: 45-90 degrees F
  • Recommended incoming water pressure: 10-113 PSI
  • R404A refrigerant
  • 8,900-BTU heat transfer capacity
  • Required clearance: 6 in. at rear, sides, and top

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 22 in. W x 2738 in. D x 28 in. H
  • Plumbing inlet minimum requirements: 14-in. nominal ID copper water tubing
  • Drain line minimum requirements: 34-in. nominal ID hard pipe
  • 12.35 A, 4.28 kW
  • 115 V/60 Hz/1 ph

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