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Hoshizaki KML-700MAJ Air Cooled Ice Machine (662 lbs/day)

Hoshizaki KML-700MAJ Air Cooled Ice Machine (662 lbs/day)


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In 24 hours, the Hoshizaki KML-700MAJ ice maker can produce 658 pounds of ice, and this amount depends on ambient temperatures, with more production when the levels are low. It makes crescent cube ice, which works great in most drinks and frozen beverages. The ice machine head has a self-contained condenser that is air cooled. Its air filters are removable, while the stainless steel evaporator is resistant to damage and rust.

This Hoshizaki KML-700MAJ ice machine head has an EverCheck™ diagnostics system that lets users know when the machine needs to be serviced, and a CycleSaver™ feature results in short production cycles that conserve more energy and water than many similar ice machine models. Harmful bacteria growth is slowed by H-Guard Plus antimicrobial in key components. Although this ice machine head is sold separately from storage bins, there are many different bin sizes to choose from to accommodate different needs.

Note: This unit must be paired with an ice maker bin or ice dispenser.

Product Details

  • 658-lb. maximum daily ice production
  • 572-lb. AHRI-certified maximum daily ice production
  • Produces crescent cube ice
  • Crescent ice cube size: 112 in. x 118 in. x 12 in.
  • Condensing unit is cooled with air
  • CycleSaver technology reduces necessary cycles to produce ice
  • EverCheck beeping alert system
  • H-Guard Plus antimicrobial agent protects against bacteria growth
  • Panels are removable to provide component access
  • Strong stainless steel exterior simplifies the cleaning process
  • R404A refrigerant
  • Ideal ambient air temperature: 45-100 degrees F
  • Ideal incoming water temperature: 45-90 degrees F
  • Ideal incoming water temperature: 10-113 PSI
  • Ideal clearances: 6 in. at top, rear, and sides
  • Ice storage bin or dispenser is sold separately

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