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KCS S201 27 Gallon Plastic Ingredient Bin with Wheels

KCS S201 27 Gallon Plastic Ingredient Bin with Wheels


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This bin is perfect for storing large quantities of dry ingredients under counters or in storage areas. Its 27 gallon / 430 cup capacity can hold 154 lb. of flour or 197 lb. of sugar or 224 lbs of rice. A durable lid is designed to lock in freshness while keeping contaminants out. With an included scoop to help dispense your products, this ingredient bin is the perfect bulk storage solution your kitchen needs. The scoop stays in one designated area to reduce the risk of cross contact between the food and food container.

Sliding Lid

To keep your ingredients fresh and protected, this bin features a rounded clasp sliding lid. This allows the user to have easy access to your ingredients without moving the bin out from under a counter. Additionally, the front lid slides back over the polyethylene base, preventing debris from falling off the lid and into the bin.

Mounted on 4 Casters

This bin features (4) 4" non-marking casters. With 2 swivel casters that lock and 2 fixed casters, this bin is easy to maneuver even when it's full. This is especially useful for transporting bulk products across a kitchen to your prep table. The casters also make the bin easy to refill due to the ability to transport bags of ingredients quickly and easily.

Included Scoop

Use the included 32 oz. scoop to easily remove ingredients from the bin. The scoop holder provides a convenient place to store your scoop, preventing the scoop handle from contaminating your ingredients.

27 Gallon Capacity

Its ample 27 gallon / 430 cup capacity can hold 197 lb. of sugar or 154 lb. of flour, 224 lbs of rice, making it perfect for your bakery, buffet, or large commercial kitchen.

SIZE 16" X 30" X 29.5"
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