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L&J LJ-LO-70 70lb Low Profile Grease Trap

L&J LJ-LO-70 70lb Low Profile Grease Trap


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L&J Grease interceptors serve to help protect municipal sewer, drainage and water treatment facilities from being obstructed damage or disabled by fat, oil, grease laden waste water discharged by commercial kitchens.

  • Made of corrosion-resistant steel
  • Unit includes non-slip cover
  • Securing bolt
  • Flow diffusing baffle Flow Rate (GPM): 35 Capacity (LBS):
  • 3" inlet and outlet
  • 4" Top to Center: 5.5" Base to Center: 18.5"
      Length (in.) 42
      Depth (in.) 28.3
      Height (in.) 11
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