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Robot Coupe CL50 Continuous Feed Food Processor with 2 Discs

Robot Coupe CL50 Continuous Feed Food Processor with 2 Discs


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Our most popular table-top model, robust, efficient, easy to clean and offering the widest variety of cuts. Gain consistency and save hours in mise en place: slice, grate, julienne, ripple cut, french fries, dice and even mashed potatoes.

Large Output

Larger hopper for processing bulky vegetables such as cabbage and celery. Can accommodate up to 10 tomatoes at a time.


Round hopper (Ø 2 9/32") For processing long or delicate vegetables (zuchinnis, cucumbers, etc) with flawless cutting precision.

Exclusive Cuts!

Exactitube pusher (Ø 1 17/32"): small fruits and vegetables, chillies, gherkins, pickles, dry sausage, asparagus, spring onions, bananas, strawberries, grapes, etc.

Ease of use

- A compact countertop model with a small footprint that allows for a broad variety of cuts. 
- Side ejection: Space saving.
- Equipped with an automatic lever-operated restart to save time and for greater comfort.

Heavy duty motor

Metal motor unit for durability.
Powerful motor
- Industrial induction motor for heavy duty use guarantees durability and reliability.
- Motor built on ball bearings for silent running without vibration
- No brushes
- Stainless steel motor shaft

Flawless glazed cut

Complete range of more than 50 discs with high-precision sharpening for the highest quality cuts.

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