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Robot Coupe CMP250VV Compact 10" Variable Speed Immersion Blender

Robot Coupe CMP250VV Compact 10" Variable Speed Immersion Blender


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Compact, easy-to-handle, high-performance. For restaurants & cafés. With a maximum batch capacity of 15L, the CMP 250 V.V. can mix, blend and emulsify in no time at all.


Optimum blending quality for a fine textured and homogenous finish product in a minimum amount of time.

High-power motor: + 15% for greater efficiency.


All stainless steel foot, bell, motor cover and attachments - to make the immersion blender last longer.


The bell and blade can be removed for easy cleaning, perfect hygiene and easy maintenance - an exclusive Robot Coupe patented system.


New ergonomic handle for greater user comfort. New power cord winding system for easy storage and optimised lifespan. The wall support offers a practical storage solution for both the immersion blender and its attachments

Flexible use

Variable and self-regulated speed for great results and consistency. Practical speed control knob button for greater comfort of use

Detachable power cord

New patented 'EasyPlug' system makes it easy to replace the power cord, if required. The indicator lights up when machine starts functioning and the cable is not damaged and correctly plugged in on both sides (wall socket and EasyPlug).

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