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Sirman GF Dakota Electric Hard Cheese Grater

Sirman GF Dakota Electric Hard Cheese Grater


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Ideal for use in both low- and fast-paced settings, this Sirman GF Dakota 20021608WNA electric hard cheese grater is designed to grate hard cheese and breads for light to medium-duty applications. With a reliable 1 hp motor that can grate up to 2 lb. per minute, this electric cheese grater is great for on-demand operations to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

This electric grater features a stainless steel drum and aluminum body with ABS shockproof sides for long-lasting use and easy cleaning. The 1/16" tooth creates finely grated product, while the air-cooled motor allows for high performance and continuous use. For easy operation, this unit features a simple on/off button to control the start and stop functions. To ensure safe use, the interlock prevents the machine from starting if the handle is not lowered to the right spot and also stops the machine from running when the handle is lifted. This machine requires a 120V electrical connection for operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 19 11/16"
Depth: 11 13/16"
Height: 22 7/8"

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