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Winco VP-310 Stainless Steel Butter Curler

Winco VP-310 Stainless Steel Butter Curler

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Create decorative butter curls for signature sides and entrees with the Winco VP-310 butter curler. Featuring a hooked stainless steel metal blade with little, grooved serrations that achieve a quick, efficient, and smooth slicing of firm and chilled butter, this butter curler serves as a handy utensil. Attached to the blade is a black non-slip soft-grip handle that makes the curler comfortable and easy to use. An essential tool in any kitchen, this butter curler can be used for carving butter garnishes, coring melons and other soft fruits, and generating wispy shavings of chocolate to add a fine touch of elegance to your tabletop. This model is also NSF listed and dishwasher safe.
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